About Ang─ôla

I earned a Masters of Art in Counseling from Central Michigan University and a Graduate Certification in Holistic Health care from Western Michigan University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (in Michigan, USA). My professional career has spanned working in a non-profit community agency counseling program, as a university instructor & counselor, to my present private practice. In much of my work I use a model of accountability I developed, which addresses personal, relational, and social accountability.

I bring over 20 years of clinical experience to my private practice. The best description of myself is that I am "a curious learner of life," choosing to learn from each client's journey how to best support and encourage her/his positive growth. My counseling style is engaging and interactive; I will work as hard as you work. My eclectic style draws from training and clinical practice in areas of psychodynamic psychotherapy, play therapy with children, adolescent counseling, accountability model of counseling, substance abuse counseling, and short-term solution-focused counseling.

Psycho-education plays a role in counseling, also. Learning skills, accessing resources, and improving self-advocacy are vital in maintaining momentum for continued growth. I incorporate simple, easy-to-remember devices to assist clients in "re-thinking" and "re-framing" old thoughts into new A-HA's.

Laughter Yoga (no yoga poses involved) is one such tool which assists in facilitating these changes. Please inquire!
For more information about me and my counseling practice, please see the Professional Disclosure Statement, which is found on the Forms page.