Hello and welcome!

Member of the American Counseling Association, My number one priority is helping you create the best possible life for yourself.

I offer a helpful, supportive, caring, and professional relationship with each of my clients. I believe in your desire to make positive changes in your life to benefit yourself and those whom you love.
Regardless of life's circumstances, you have choices in your response. Counseling provides opportunities to heighten awareness of personal choices. Transformational healing, both personal and relational, occur as you learn new tools to improve your well-being and support your growth toward greater authenticity. Heart, body, mind, and spirit come into alignment through recognition and implementation of personal choices.

You  may contact me to schedule an appointment by calling 616-225-1060 or via the Contact Form on this site.

Angēla does not provide emergency, crisis intervention
counseling. If you feel unsafe or suicidal,
immediately call 911.*


Individual: adult, adolescent, child (Counseling with children involves significant inclusive involvement with parent(s). In addition to meeting in the room with the child and me, the parent(s) come in independently to meet around collaborative parenting and discipline strategies)

Group: personal growth
Couples and/or family

Issues, included, but not limited to: Relationships; Boundaries with others; Separation/Divorce; Parenting; Grief & Loss; Chronic Pain; Trauma; Spirituality; Abuse: Sexual, Relational (Domestic Violence)